Holiday Therapy: music!

Whether you delight in this time of year or dread the time spent in dysfunctional family soirees, music is a vehicle that takes us on a journey through the holidays.

Creating my own mixed tapes (defined as a compilation of songs recorded on audio cassettes – highly popularized in the 1980’s) is something I’ve been doing for years! My holiday mixed tapes allow me to go back to hilarious times of cookie-making, present-wrapping and margarita-drinking; plus, when do I ever get to hear Barbra Streisand sing Ave Maria except for now?

Soooooo, I have been inspired to share some of my favorite holiday tunes to get you all in the mood for Christmas! Check ‘em out (links to YouTube), comment on your favorites, and have a very hootenanny holiday!MerryMixedTapeXmasFamily Favorites (otherwise known as traditional Christmas songs)

Parrandas y Posadas

Eclectic Random

Old-School Country

Tanya’s Flashback

What songs are a MUST for your holiday? Please share because I love music and am always hungry for new stuff.


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