Do you more often than not…

  • Compare yourself to others – from how you look to how much money you make?
  • Have an overwhelming urge to quit your job because you’re so unhappy despite bringing in good pay?
  • Live so much in your head that it’s paralyzing you from taking any action? Fear takes away your choices and you yearn to have options clearly laid out?
  • Consistently allow “life” to make choices for you rather than YOU deciding your own path.
  • Do as you’re told at work, only date people who ask you out, and take the safest options when it comes to life decisions?

Psst…maybe you have it all together and know exactly what you should be doing…weird thing is, you’re not doing it. Heard this before?
“If only I can start, then I’ll be fine. I’m just paralyzed with “starting…” I mean, what if I’m wrong and it doesn’t work out?”

Who and How Do I Coach?

I work with women professionals who are stuck in low-paying jobs that they tolerate, want more from their romantic relationships, and who are waiting for an “a-ha” moment to change everything.

With a minimum of two coaching sessions per month (phone, Skype or in-person), I help women let go of the past and clarify the future path they choose to create. At times, it’s a transition from the dissatisfaction of their current job into a career of purpose and success. Other times, it’s helping women rediscover their authentic selves to feel powerful, confident and considerably more focused on creating what they deserve instead of settling for less.

Ready to really “lean in?”

Embrace your power with confidence?

Create a plan of action that you are fully committed to?

It’s time to bend expectations, now.

Sign up to learn more and I will send you a free personal assessment!

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