What People are Saying

“Tanya! You rock on with your new endeavor! I can attest that you as a coach are the empowering nudge of faith that held me together while I was searching for my next step of my fantastic voyage. Your joy is contagious and your silliness is ultra healing. But more powerful than both of those super powers you own, your genuine open mind that allows you to be so present in conversation, makes me feel so honored to be “alive.” I thank you for your efforts and willingness to be the support and coach many more will need to help them truly live.  <insert air guitar playing and joyful laughter here>
– Rita Rodriguez, Sales Administrator II at ANSYS, Inc.


“I initially contacted Tanya to help me with my autobiography. I wasn’t sure what to expect other than some suggestions on how I would go about getting out of a writer’s block, procrastination, and providing some motivation… One of her strongest attributes is her ability to really listen and provide thoughtful, uninhibited (she’ll call you on your BS) feedback that allows me to see myself from different perspectives. After several meetings, I realized the coaching sessions were no longer just about helping me to write, but also about personal connection, self-love, and my unwavering love for my family. These connections are instrumental to my autobiography…in the making.

Thanks for your help Tanya!”  – Phan Nguyen, Professional/Full-time Dad/Writer

Phan Nguyen

“I greatly appreciate my time spent working with Tanya. When speaking to her I truly felt like I was being heard and could feel her care and support. In just a few sessions, Tanya helped to put my mind at ease and provided me with tools on how to relax when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Something I will benefit from always. I recommend Tanya for anyone feeling the desire to overcome personal challenges or trying to discover their purpose in life.”  – Amber Blum, Full-time Mom/Part-time Entrepreneur

“My coaching experience with Tanya was simply amazing. Her optimistic and authentic spirit is contagious. Tanya provided me with a safe space to be myself without worrying about how I may be perceived. This allowed for optimal growth and progress because I was able to be my true self without any facades. Tanya challenged me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone in ways that were anxiety provoking yet very rewarding. Coaching with Tanya was a memorable experience that helped me grow in both my personal and professional life.” – Former Client, First Generation Latina, PhD in Psychology

“I got that job I interviewed for last Wednesday! Thanks for helping me access my awesome again.”  – Cecile Cukors, Disney

“I wear many hats; wife, student, community organizer, and microbiologist. I thought it was going to be almost impossible to focus and finish up my master’s thesis without abandoning my other responsibilities. With Tanya’s coaching sessions I was able to prioritize, refocus, be more aware of my ultimate goal; and more important, to become more resilient whenever I was having a “bad” day. Now I feel comfortable with the things I can control as well as with those things I can’t. I still wear many hats, but now I can to a better job keeping my eyes on my values and goals. Thanks Tanya!”  – Jesabel Rivera, Health Strategy Consultant, Highmark

Jesabel Rivera, Bomba







“I thought working with a life coach would challenge me to look at life differently and that is exactly what I received with Tanya. She is very positive and affirming. I like that she has a common thread of understanding my issues; with the spotlight on me, not everyone around me. Working with Tanya has helped me turn around any thoughts of self-doubt and I’ve attained a higher level of confidence. Overall, I am a more focused individual. Elements that have caused me grief are less bothersome and are placed in perspective and replaced with the bigger picture.” – Janet Westphal, non-profit professional


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