About Me

Air-Guitar Specialist, Road-Tripper, Youth Advocate, Photographer

I’ve always been passionate about living life to the fullest but I really didn’t know what that meant until a few years ago.

After experiencing tremendous upheaval and heartache in both love and my career… AT THE SAME TIME, I threw in the towel and started over. Thankfully I was introduced to coaching through work and, after being on my own for the first time in over 8 years, I realized I had some serious shit to get over. Mainly myself.

Segue into my current bad-ass self: I am absolutely committed to helping people live the kind of life they deserve. After working in the non-profit world for 19 years, I’ve become an expert at listening, having a 360° understanding of what people strengths and challenges are, and an ability to cut through bullshit to get to the heart of the matter. I say it like I see it and stand up for what I believe in 100%.

I work with my clients on what matters to them, how to embrace their own truth and stand in it, move them in action on their goals, and live a life of whole-heartedness.


LKFAT (Little Known Facts About Tanya)

I was born in Manhattan, KS (otherwise known as the “Little Apple”), and at the age of 9, moved, along with my family, to Amish Country – Lancaster, PA.  My mother is first generation Mexican-American and my dad is from a “many-generation” agricultural family. Both families’ backgrounds are part of my culture and my identity. I’ve been very lucky to live in various parts of the US and am proud to call Santa Cruz, CA, my home.

I practice my air-guitar while listening to Van Halen, Lita Ford, Prince… you know, guitar masters, and in moments of complete joy. I’m addicted to road-trips and make time for as many as I can. Talk about lucky in love! I’ve been blessed to have loved more than once in my life and truly value connection with people. One of my strongest passions, ironically, is not for another person. It’s for my camera and iPhone. I love photography and my addiction is fed by Instagram and Flickr. One last thing but it’s actually quite HUGE! I’m a champion of young people and tirelessly believe in their ability to lead us in a better world. I create and facilitate workshops on empowering girls to create social change and how women can use coaching skills to work with girls. How cool is that?! [SUPER COOL in MY world!!!!!!]

I have a BS from the University of Pittsburgh, a teaching credential through Duquesne University, and am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through Coaches Training Institute.

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